Pop songs can be powerful, and surprisingly so. There’s this song, “Unwritten,” by Natasha Beddingfield that will always remind me of the day Nora was born. I guess it was on the radio a lot that week, but I couldn’t get it out of my head. I heard it on the radio again this week, while driving Nora to daycare.

Live your life with arms wide open.
Today is where your book begins;
the rest is still unwritten.

Cheesy sentiments throughout the whole song, indeed, but it still touched a nerve with me way back when I was holding this tiny froggy newborn. I can’t help but be excited to watch her story unfold, and be a part of it. It also occurred to me that I don’t actually write anything down. But, are undocumented moments any less important to us? I like to think that we’ll still remember the stories I don’t write down, and the moments not caught on camera. I’m too busy taking it all in to let a camera get in the way.

That said, I still have this blog. I intend to use it more.

Major skill update: My two-year-old can count to ten! (Except the number 4, it always gets left out. Who needs 4, anyway?)

Updates to recent past posts:

  1. I got sick with strep throat at Disneyworld. I spent most of my time in our hotel room, and honestly it’s still all a blur. We had good times the first couple days, then I came down with a fever. It’s pretty upsetting for me, still, to talk about. I’m planning a do-over trip for next year. Details to come.
  2. We have a swing set! Hurrah for Walmart!

Other news:

  1. Oh dear, the weather here has been dreadfully rainy and gloomy.
  2. Nora turned 2 in August, cause you know, that’s when her birthday is. We had a party in the back yard, with other toddlers and grown-ups, and cake and everything!
  3. I’m working full time, and recently acquired part-time work on top of it all. It’s an adventure so far. I may yet manage to juggle it all. I’m just so thankful for the extra income. (See above about planning a do-over Disney trip as early as next year.)

And I have no conclusion. So… FIN.

Some summary recaps and such

June was a busy month.

Nora got tubes on the 18th, and it went really well. She was already happy, and if you can believe it, she’s even happier. Her progress in learning to crawl picked up almost immediately, and now she gets around so fast it’s scary. So, childproofing: high on the to-do list. Although, we generally plan to take the approach of having her learn what’s ok and not ok to touch instead of removing all objects from everywhere and padding all walls and corners.

On the 23rd we headed to Georgia for what was supposed to be three nights of camping at Stone Mountain, and two nights near Chattanooga, TN. Plans changed. Nora did not handle the heat and change of environment well at all. We spent one night at the campground and one night at a nearby hotel, then we headed home… after a stop at IKEA in Atlanta. It had to be done. How often am I ever so close? Oddly, Nora seemed to enjoy the hotel and the shopping. Hmm…

We will try camping again. Perhaps not in such a hot time of year next time. Also, next time we plan to travel, I will have to put her down to sleep in a travel crib for a few nights before we leave. More than anything, not being in her crib seemed to throw her off. This baby is useless without naps and a good night of sleep.

The theme of the past couple of months, for me, has been the struggle to balance work-life and mom-life. I’m still working half days, and it’s clear that, financially, I can’t do this long term. We plan for me to return to full time after the Labor Day holiday. On the one hand, it’s the safe and practical decision, but on the other… I am so dreading it.

On a bright and happy note, our nieces are coming to visit next weekend! They are Errol’s step-brother’s two girls, ages 13 and 8. I think it’s something they’ve wanted to do for a long time. I have no idea why. Maybe they thing we’re cool or something? I don’t see it. Errol’s parents are bringing them and leaving them with us for the weekend. I’m pretty excited about planning girly-fun things to do, although with these two we’re probably just going to play a lot of Guitar Hero.

OK, this is a loooong overdue update and announcement…

Also, maybe my longest blog title yet.


I’m pregnant.


This is something we really feel ready for, and have hoped and prayed for for some time. The first positive home pregnancy test was December 22, and I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present. Errol had been telling me he thought I was pregnant. He just knew. I was just way too emotional and moody for things to be normal. So, I tested. And, there is was. We told our parents over Christmas, but wanted to wait until after the first doctor’s appointment to tell the rest of our family. The hard part was waiting until January for that doctor’s appointment! Arg! Oh, but it was worth it. We got to see the little baby and its little pulsing baby heartbeat on an ultrasound. It’s so… real. So amazing. I’m going to be a mom. Sombody’s mother! Errol’s going to be a daddy. I can’t stop smiling when I think about it.

By this Friday, I’ll be 11 and a half weeks along. That will put me two weeks from the second trimester! Already! I can hardly believe it, but at the same time I’m so ready for it to be here, for time to move on. I can’t be more excited to meet this little person inside me that’s made up of the two of us.

My pants are definitely tighter now. I’ve had some nausea from time to time, and my appetite is changing. Errol thinks I’m eating faster. I can see that I am definitely eating less in a sitting. Thankfully, I haven’t been plagued by severe morning sickness.

So, this should definitely give me lots to write about. I promise to keep it light. You won’t find any gory details here.

Woo! Baby!

A happy new year

We had a great Christmas visit with family in Kentucky over Christmas. As always, too short a visit and so hard to say goodbye. Our nieces and nephews seem to grow up so fast from so far away.

I spent the holiday with a toothache. I thought it would be a good idea to get a filling out of the way the Thursday before Christmas, but the dentist had to remove and old filling that ran really close to a nerve first. Oh, my aching tooth. I’ve never had such a toothache. Tylenol helped, and I think going back to have a slight high place polished when we got back has helped. But, I have the looming possibility of a root canal. I still wake with an ache during the night and notice it hurts some after I eat.

My grandmother passed away on Friday, the 29th. She has not been herself for quite a while. I went to see her that day. She was struggling to breathe and looked worse than I had ever seen her. I got to say “I love you.” But, I think she knew. She was finally resting comfortably when she passed. I have to say all I feel now is thankful and relieved. I have so many great memories and got to spend so many memorable times with her. My mom and I had prepared ourselves for this for a few weeks now, and I think she is handling it very well, too.

My dearest, best friend and former roomate, Becky, who lives in West Virginia, came for a visit after Christmas, and I can’t say how glad I am that she has been here this week. She’s been such a great help and comfort.

So, instead of back to work tomorrow, we head south to Jackson for a few days for the funeral and to get together with family.

Medicare woes, a road trip, and too much TV

My grandmother was moved to a nursing home yesterday. I need prayers from everyone for the Medicare to come through. Her doctor is supposed to be working with the social worker at the nursing home on it, but right now her care is not being covered. Trust me when I say that the cost of skilled nursing per day would make anyone faint. I think my mom’s calm exterior is cracking. I’m going to see grandmother today. I haven’t been to the new place yet.

This weekend, Errol and I travel to the Atlanta area for my cousin, Holly’s, wedding. She and her older brother Chris are my only first cousins. Our father’s are brothers. Holly and I are the same age, and I haven’t seen her or Chris in years. My aunt and uncle came to our wedding, but they weren’t able to. I am really looking forward to it. For a brief period in high school, when I lived with my dad, Chris was living near us and I got to see him quite a bit. Well, more than usual. Most of our lives we have all lived states apart from each other. I am so glad I got to know him then, and I have a lot of regrets in not keeping in touch.

It will be interesting to all get together. I wonder if, being so closely blood-related, there will be inherent similarities between us. We shall see. I’m charging Errol as an outsider observer to collect data and make a report.

In other, unrelated news, I’m way too involved in Days of Our Lives. What is it about these soaps that sucks you in? Is it that you see these people every day? It’s certainly not the writing. If you watch… omigosh, I love Sami and Lucas!

Also on the subject of TV… Battlestar Gallactica! What an ep this past Friday, eh? Wows. The relationship between Starbuck and Apollo is one of my favorite ongoing threads through the story in this show, and like Apollo I seriously feel like I got punched in the gut after that one. Thank you, Ron Moore, for stepping those two up a notch. I can’t wait to see the aftermath of that “fight.” Why do I have to wat til January? ::pout::

She’s a fighter

My grandmother has become more than they can handle at the assisted living home. She’s been through a lot the past couple of weeks. She wasn’t eating and stayed in bed a lot, so we hired a sitter for her. This Thanksgiving was the first holiday for us without both my grandparents there. She just couldn’t get out of bed. When I went to see her this past Saturday, she was back up and in her chair. Good news! But, mentally, she really isn’t there anymore. We have a wheelchair for her now, too.

The latest from my mom as of yesterday is that they recommend we move her somewhere with a higher level of care. She’s been getting out of bed in the night and yelling again. Only, now she can’t walk so well so she ends up on the floor. It’s taken as many as three people to get my 95 lb, 94-year-old, grandmother back into her bed because she physically fights them. She must be strong. My mom is going to take her to the doctor today, and ask him to admit her to the hospital. We were trying to avoid it, but there has got to be something wrong. I have learned this year that, when you’re over 90, something that seems as simple as a urinary tract infection can make you forget where you are and who you’re family is. There has to be something wrong. This is a fast decline. Just two months ago she was getting around with a walker and asking when we were going to have children. We are praying for the best.

This is her second assisted living facility this year, and the second time we’ve been asked to move her because she’s disruptive or beyond their level of care. She was able to go back after a hospital stay last time. So, let’s wait and see. Makes me wonder… she went to a boarding high school. Was she as big a spitfire then as she is now?

Get up on the update, with bonus linking action

Soooooo much is happening!

My mom found a house! It’s perfectly situated on the other side of town from us, which is close enough for my mom and for us. 🙂 This is the first house the realtor showed us, and not only did my mom fall in love with it, but she made an offer and they accepted it yesterday! Closing is set for September 9, and I’ll post more details as we get closer to that date. I guess I can upload some photos of it now as well. I’ll get the exterior shots up on Flickr tonight. I didn’t want to share too many photos cause it’s still someone else’s house right now. But, it’s gonna be my momma’s house! It’s just perfect for her, too: small, fenced-in yard; there’s a door to the backyard right from the master bedroom with a doggie door in it; garden tub and separate shower in the master bath; big, red kitchen; big dining room; covered patio area. It’s bigger than our house, and frankly… well… I’m a little jealous. I love it, too.

We’re going to move my grandmother here the week of Labor Day, and the retirement plan now is for late September. Wheeee!

Listening to: Trouble, by Coldplay

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Look out…

my momma is coming to town!

That’s right. This Friday, we begin the journey that’s going to change our lives. Forever. We’re looking at assisted living homes for my grandmother, and beginning the search for a condo for my mom. My grandmother is doing so well, and her doctor thinks it’s a great idea, so we’re moving her here! The plan is to get her moved as soon as we can, then my mom will retire in late October and move here, too.

It’s all so unreal. First, I’m going to have to take responsibility for my grandmother on my own for a while. Which, really, I feel relieved. My mom has had to deal with this all on her own for too long. Definitely my turn. She’ll be living in an assisted home, so really it’s just a duty on my part of getting her groceries if she needs them and buying her pee pee pads; going along on doctor appointments (as a translator); being the emergency contact; and visiting regularly (of course!). Now I can go play with my grandmother anytime I want. The only thing that makes me nervous is the prospect of going with her to the doctor, or heaven forbid, if an emergency should happen.

Also. My mom. Is. Retiring. Can I deal with that? Eeep! I’m starting to feel more of a sense of urgency about getting up on the baby wagon. Now is the time, really. Having my mom here changes everything I imagined about having a baby right now. Depending on how she feels about babysitting, it makes going back to work afterward more of a possibility, that’s for sure. Cause, for what full-time infant daycare costs… oy.

My head is spinning. Maybe I should eat lunch…

Listening to: Dirty Harry by Gorrillaz