Two strange things

Was first person in my building at work this work. Am therefore listening to Justin Timberlake as loudly as possible. Also, found myself shouting: “First!”

Am apparently a regular for breakfast at the Burger King next to Nora’s daycare. Was greeted with “Hungry today?” and a smile by the woman at the drive through. Don’t consider this a good thing. Vow to cross the street to McDonald’s… for a while, at least.

Light dusting of snow!

What a joy and surprise to wake up to this morning!

It’s just enough snow to make the trees pretty and to make me smile, but not enough to make the roads bad and close the schools. There are a lot of closings to the north and west of us, though.

Of course, I want more. 🙂


1 cinnamon roll

1 doughnut

1/2 cherry filled doughnut

1 piece of birthday cake

1 chocolate covered doughnut

2 sugar cookies topped with sugar icing

No regrets.

Knowing my benefits

So, I really should keep up with what’s covered by my health insurance and whatnot, but… I don’t. The upside is that it’s kind of like Christmas, or my Brithday, when I get to the business office and find out that the visit is free. Yay! I’m in a much better mood leaving the gyno than I was when I got there. These are the benefits of my ignorance.


Krrish poster

Bollywood does action/superhero. Cool! Too bad I have to wait for a DVD release to see it.

Something you have to know about me: I love Bollywood movies. There’s just something so optimistic about making every story into a musical that appeals to me. Rent “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” sometime, and you’ll understand. I think.

Update: A review! Via Boing Boing.

Bollywood’s Superman movie reviewed
Henry Jenkins — scholar of all things fannish — has a great review of Krrish, the Bollywood underwear-pervert-hero movie that opened in mom-and-pop cinemas in the US last weekend. Krrish is Bollywood’s remix of the Superman mythos, and the localization elements are mouth-wateringly fascinating:

Much like the western Superman who has been read as an embodiment of national myths and ideals, there is much which speaks to the specifically Indian origins of this particular story.

For one thing, the early signs that young Krishna may have superpowers come when he turns out to be a protégé at sketching and then confounds the teachers at his local school with a spectacular performance on his I.Q. exam. The American counterpart would have led off with his strength, his speed, or maybe even his X-ray vision but having a superior intellect has rarely been a prerequisite for becoming a superpower in the western sense of the term. Throughout the film, in fact, the other characters consistently cite his “talents” but rarely his “powers” as if he were destined to become an extremely gifted knowledge worker (and indeed, it turns out that the ethics of knowledge work for hire are at the center of this epic saga.)

His special powers are modest by western standards, though spectacular enough by local standards. Much like the original Superman, he covers vast distances through long leaps but doesn’t actually have the ability to fly. He can scale a mountain peak as if it were a series of stepping stones. He can run faster than the local horses. He can reach into the river and yank out a fish with his bare hands. And he can speak with the animals and get them to do his bidding. And, in several sequences, he demonstrates his superiority, Gandhi style, by withstanding enormous physical and emotional abuse without resorting to violence.


My favorite actor of the week is Jason Bateman

So, I finally got my first disc of Arrested Development Season 1 from Netflix. This is a really funny show. Why did no one tell me about this sooner?? Geez. I love it. The next disc can’t get here soon enough. Season 2 now added to the queue.

I think I have decided that this will be my Summer of TV Shows on DVD. I want to catch up on some shows I’ve read good things about but either ignored or never bothered to watch. That should tide me over til the fall.

So far I have:

The Office (BBC original), Series 2 (already been through Series 1)
Freaks & Geeks
Arrested Development (duh)

Any other suggestions?