Ode to my turkey sandwich

Who needs fast food, like, ever, when you live in Oxford and have Handy Andy? I can’t stop singing the praises of their FINE cheeseburger and finest BBQ sandwiches, but my friends they have this oft overlooked glory that is the Smoked Turkey Sandwich. Available in regular or, my personal favorite, jumbo, you should ask for it “hot, with cheese.” Oh, the smoky, turkey greatness. Dripping with mayonaise and cheese, oozing out of the jumbo hamburger bun, it satisfies in a way no other turkey sandwich can. You can tell yourself, “Hey, self, this is turkey. It’s good for us, because we didn’t get the cheeseburger.” Yeah.

It’s WAY too beautiful out there to be at work today. I want to go lay under a tree. I’m having one of those “This Place is So Beautiful I Can’t Believe I Live Here” kind of days.

Listening to: That’s Not Me by The Beach Boys

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