So, yeah, we’re probably having a baby next week…

Well, she’s frank breech. Our little girl has her bottom in my pelvis where her head should be.

So, the plan is this: We report to the hospital on Tuesday, August 28 for external cephalic version. This is where the doctor attempts to turn the baby. They give me drugs to relax me and my uterus, grease up my stomach and manually try to push her head around into the right position. I very much want to avoid a cesarean birth, and if she hasn’t turned on her own by then we really feel like this is our best shot. I’ll be 39 weeks and 1 day at that point. If she doesn’t turn, well, we’ll do a cesarean. Best case scenario, we show up to the hospital and find she’s flipped on her own. Then we wait. Bottom line: 2 in 3 chance we’re having this baby next week one way or another.

It’s… overwhelming. Is there a word that describes a feeling beyond nervous, or even anxious?

So, let’s all sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Turn around, bright eyes.

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