Goals for the week

Nora is 7 weeks old today. I can’t believe this tiny person person came out of me. It’s a daily revelation. She is so beautiful, and she makes me laugh every day. This baby thing is getting easier every day, too. We truly feel blessed. She takes great naps, puts herself right to sleep when we swaddle her up and put her in her crib. It’s amazing, and I’m thankful every time she falls asleep. Once we got naps figured out, I found this amazing, happy baby. She is so happy. Yes, she’s fussy sometimes, but what baby isn’t? But for the most part, wow, happy is the only word I’ve got. She’s getting to this point where she just stares wide-eyed at the world, and is really taking it all in. I see a smile every day now, too. We’re still not sleeping through the night yet, but I feel like we’re really close.

I know, I said I would post a birth story, but it’s been a long emotional process to get it written. I have a draft sitting on my desktop and I plan to open it back up this week, read it again, and get it finished. I’m just now coming out of what I can only describe as kind of a fog. I’m breathing sighs of relief and looking around me more.

Other goals: write thank you notes, then put away all the gifts we have received since Nora was born that have been lying around the house. Have mercy. We’re talking like 8 thank you notes I have to write, here, and it’s been so hard to get done. Why are thank you’s so hard to write?

Speaking of napping babies, I better go take a shower while I have my chance!