Back to work!

Contrary to what I expected, it kind of felt like a relief to hand off Nora at daycare and take off. Motherhood has defnitely changed me. I’m less worried about things being done my way as I though I would be. I admit, it helps that she’s only going to be there 4 hours a day.

It’s my first day back, and even though this is my desk and everything is familiar, it’s like starting a new job. The biggest thing that makes it like a whole new job is that I am part time now, working just the mornings. I think my student worker will be working more hours than me in the month of December! I feel like I have come back to work in a new year with resolutions and focus and suchlike. This will require some new, fresh discipline from me, and put my time management skills to the test. Speaking of which, time to stop blogging and get to working. Ack!

Oh, and I have to say, being genuinely missed is a great feeling. People are hugging me, and seem truly excited to have me back. It’s nice. 🙂