The world stops

When you have a sick baby, it feels like everything swirls around you. We were locked in the house all weekend with Nora, trying to remain calm. She was congested and coughing on Friday, but still smiling and acting like herself. Then, Friday night she slept. All night. From 8 til 5. Now I know that this is less awesome, and more like a sign of trouble. I fed her at 5, and went back to bed. A couple of hours later, she woke up crying. I sent Errol to check on her, and heard through the monitor “Hey, babe, you should come here.” She was burning up. On fire with fever and screaming. For the rest of the day, if she was awake… she was crying.

We were giving her Tylenol, but it’s effects seemed to wear off fast. I was beginning to worry that she wasn’t eating. Finally, Sunday afternoon, we hit the breaking point: bloody mucous coming out when she coughed and coming through her nose. We called our pediatrician at home. I nearly cried when he told Errol we could meet him at the clinic right away I was so overwhelmed. The good news… it’s not RSV. The bad news… it’s an ear infection. So, we got some antibiotics and ear drops. Hurrah! Having an answer to what is hurting her is SUCH a relief.

All Nora has wanted is to be held, and to sleep in our arms. This, I have found, I am no good at. I get too fidgety. Errol, however, is a master of sitting still for over an hour with a hot little baby in his arms. Bless him. I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have him. This very morning, he is at home with Nora a second morning in a row while I go to work. I have no personal leave right now. Thank goodness he is seemingly more capable at this sick baby thing than I am. I hate it.