This is how exciting my life is:

That the thing that makes me log in and use my blog in who knows how crazy long is this: Sonic. Brought back. THE STEAK SANDWICH! (That’s chicken fried steak, for the uninitiated.) For a limited time only, but still. I know what I’m eating in February now. I craved this sandwich through my entire pregnancy, and now they have it. Figures. Go now. Get thyself one. I’m not talking about the breakfast toaster steak sandwich silliness they have right now, too. I’m talking about the good ole steak sandwich that I know and love. But here’s the thing: they have it on toaster bread. That’s just ridiculous. Ask for it on a bun. Also, get tots and a cherry limeade, enjoy, and know that all is right with the world.

P.S. This baby is FIVE MONTHS OLD NOW! Can you believe it? I can’t. 🙂