Pretend this is Nora’s birthday

So, I realize I let a pretty monumental day go by with out talking about it. I’m sorry. I’m no good at this blogging on a regular basis thing. Also, I have been stressed out about going back to working 8-5, but I have survived week one!

I am so much a different person now than I was a year ago. I know a lot of people say having a baby changes you, but no seriously, it changes you. I expected this, but not in the ways it’s really changed me. There’s a new-found kind of humility here, and maybe not a little break in my confidence. I’m not so certain I have the answers to everything anymore, and I waver a whole lot more than I used to. I cannot express how fully I believe that nothing, NO THING, can prepare you for parenthood. Even the most put-together looking mom out there has to be barely holding on by a thread inside.

It’s hard to express this, but I feel like God gave me this gift of seeing how futile my rigidity can be, when at the end of the day and at the end of this life, He is in control. I had all these birth plans, and I knew in every fiber of my being that nursing a baby had to be as natural as breathing if I was just prepared and believed I could do it hard enough. Then, this body of mine turned out to not work the way in needed to for me to follow through with my plans.

I could be disappointed. I could be really disappointed, but then at the end of all my broken plans: there’s Nora. She is the embodiment of JOY to me. I can’t have a bad day when I think of her. She inspires a new kind of wide-eyed optimism in me.

My gosh, I get speechless when I try to express how special and amazing she is. From the day she was born, she was an easy baby. Just, easy. She sleeps when she’s supposed to, most of the time. We’ve found very few things she won’t eat or at least try. She’s curious and interested in the world, loves to dance to pretty much anything (but mostly 60’s rockin soul music). I can’t tell you how many people tell me how precious she is. Always ready with a smile, just amazing. I’m gushing, but if you could meet her, you would understand.

OK, so here’s the first birthday roundup.

Favorite foods: cheese, sweet potatoes, YoBaby yogurt, lasagna
Favorite toys: baby doll, lions (any of her 3), pink giraffe lovey, polar bear, Sully
Naps: every afternoon for at least an hour, two naps on the weekend
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: still wearing 9 month
Bedtime: 6-7 p.m.
Wake-up: 6:30-7 a.m.
Walking? Not yet. Crawling like a champ, and pulling up, but no independent steps yet.
Loves bath-time.
Totally prefers daddy.

Nora's Birthday

Happy Birthday, baby girl. Love, Mama