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OK, so it’s been a week since I blogged. Kitten is doing well. I can’t believe it, but he’s gotten noticeably bigger in just a week! Such a miraculous thing, watching him grow. We have so much fun playing with him, and tossing him around. Mei Mei is still thoroughly annoyed.

We had a small breakthrough last night. Abner went up to her while she was laying on the floor on her back, and there was some calm sniffing. She didn’t growl or hiss, or get up and run away. When she runs, he chases. I know it’s all a big game to him. But, she’s become more curious about him, so it’s a step forward. We’re still not quote to a time where we can leave them alone together unsupervised.

Went to a new place for lunch today (as in, totally new to town as of this month, new): Petra. It’s a greek/mediterranean place, which is wierd cause we already have a perfectly good greek restaurant, but I digress. (It’s called Volta Taverna, and I love it.) Going to a new restaurant here is always an adventure. Some places that I have tried when they were new took forever even though we were the only people there. I can’t think of the names of any of these restaurants in question, cause they’re probably closed now.

So, Petra… excellent service, clean, upscale decor, very good food. They have the usual: hummus, felafel, gyros, etc. They also have kebabs and such. I got a salad with chicken shawarma on top. There was an amazing seasoning and herbs tossed with it. SO good. The bad news: my freakin salad, smaller than a salad from Sonic, was 9.95! This thing was 1/3 the size of a main dish salad I can get at any casual dining place. If my co-worker, Kris, who went with me, hadn’t ordered a hummus and pita appetizer and shared it with me I would still totally be hungry. Again, the taste was amazing, but if I want a gyro I will be going to Volta.

Verdict, Petra: gooooood food, bad value. Best of luck, you might need it.

Which leads me to the list of restaurants I wish we had here:
an Irish pub
an Indian restaurant with a buffet
a cajun restaurant

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(Sounds like a dessert idea, doesn’t it?)

Peace out.

Why were we up until well after 1 a.m. on a Wednesday?

My cousins, Allen and David, came over for dinner and we started playing Settlers of Catan. This game is addictive, and thanks to my uncle we have our own set. We don’t often get to play, so the opprtunity to pull it out when we had regular players in our midst was irresistable.

Game two of Settlers (cause you can’t just play once), was crazy board game mania when we introduced the added element of distraction by playing a 2 on 2 game of Battleship DURING Settlers. Allen and I are so far undefeated in the game of team Battleship. My ship placements rule. (I say with all humility.)

Good times.

Kitten is home!

Yay! Here’s an early Quicktime video of our little Abner. He moves too fast for photos. Sorry, it’s 6 MB, so it might take a while to load.
He got a clean bill of health from the vet. He did have what they described as an impressive infestation of ear mites, though. Considering he’s a shelter kitten, it really could be worse. Also, she thinks he’s more like 5 or 6 weeks old, not 8 like they told me at the shelter.

We are go for kitten, the kitten is a go!!

Just got the call from the shelter about an hour ago! This is much sooner than expected, but it’s great! We can’t bear to leave him there another night if he’s ours, and thankfully the vet will be able to see him around 5. So, Errol has left work early to run out to get litter and toys and set up the spare room. I’ll be leaving work in a moment to pick up Abner and take him by the vet… then home!




We’ve been mulling over the idea of getting a second cat for a while. So, our pros and cons list has been made many times over. Yesterday, I dropped off some cat litter and food that Mei Mei had rejected at the shelter, and learned that springtime is kitten time. One thing led to another, I filled out the application and we went by there today.

This little guy was in a cage with all his brothers and sisters by the front desk. Errol pointed right at him, and said “I want that one with the leopard spots.” He has some beautiful black on grey spots on his back. So, after spending a while in the back looking at all the kittens in the cat room, and doing a little debating, we wound right back up front, and plucked this kitten from his cage. He’s the right balance of playful and laid back. Just goes to show: sometimes the first instinct is the right one.

They couldn’t find his info sheet, so we don’t know what they’ve named him. We’ll call him Abner.

We still have to wait for our application to be reviewed, and may not know anything til Tuesday next week.

I’ve started discussing the idea of a little brother with Mei, and I hope she’ll warm up to him. The only hesitation I’ve ever had about getting another cat is worrying over how she will react. But, cats are adaptable. I know she’s changed a lot since I brought her from my mom’s house to live with me. I hope having a kitten around will be good for her. I think it will.

I’m a loser, baby.

1lb. this week, bringing the grand total to 5. Yeah! I’m feeling the energy surge!

Also, hey, to go with the weight loss, check out the new look of me! This is much better than that other bloggy software I was using. Thank you, Errol!!

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Get crazy wit tha Cheez Whiz!!


Moo moo

I love cows. There’s a small herd in a pasture near our house, bordering our neighborhood, actually. On Friday, I saw them all crowded together. Of course, I had to take some pictures. Click the pic for more.

Week one, lost 4 lbs!!

I love, love WW online. It’s been so much easier for me. There’s handy look ups of point for a bazillion things. I can quickly plan what I’m going to eat when co-workers ask me to go to lunch, and I don’t have to pull out a book and a slider scale thing. I’m all over the message boards, too. There’s some great support there.

So, now I’m down to 199 lbs. and went from a week of 26 points a day down to 24 per day. Progress! Yeah!

Next: I have to figure out some way to exercise that I find entertaining. I think I’m going to get me one of those personal trainer people. I think it’s relatively affordable if I get one through the gym here at work.